Exciting Challenge At A Glance

D’ Light House Powered by Good Life Sports presents Vision Board Challenge is the best gift you could ever give to your Child. This life-transforming program is now just a click away from you. The program features 21 interactive & inspiring online classes and 9 weekly reviews, feedback sessions, hurdles and progress analysis, suggestions & re-motivation classes.

What Does The Challenge Entail?

• Developing Vision Board with the help of tips and suggestions in the website and start practicing on it.

• Attending the interactive online classes without fail.

• Throwing the challenge to all your friends and family

• Celebrating Vision Board parties by declaring your own Vision Board to the world

You will also get to play the exciting online adventure treasure hunt game, Win Reward Points, Gifts and Cash Prizes. In the process of doing the above, you are on fast track to achieve all your desires and dreams fulfilled.


Anyone in the 5-22 Years Age Group across the nation.

You are a D’Lighter

All Students are also called D’Lighters. After receiving the challenge, a student needs to follow the below steps to be a part of the challenge.

• Register in the website and start working on to Prepare the Vision Board at home as per the instructions shown in the reference Video in “How to make Vision Board in the Vision Board” menu in the website.

• Once completed, student should upload the same with their selfie video in the website.

• Thereafter, the student will become the challenger and he/she will be eligible to challenge their friends and family.

• Students shall be given Online Classes every day for 30 minutes by competent teachers on 1:25 basis for 30 Days from Monday to Saturday. After the class, students shall work for a maximum of 30 minutes online on Responsive Activity Work Sheet at the comfort of their Home and submit the same to earn the reward points every day.

What is a Reward Point?

Reward points are given by the computer based on their activity and efforts based on the responsive activity work sheets. These reward points are accumulated for 30 days and Cash Prize shall be awarded to them based on their overall performance.

The reason for allowing kid of such lower ages is not to pre-judge the abilities of say, a 5-year kid. There are so many wonder kids and this will be an opportunity to discover their hidden potential. And there are many parents who wish to make their loved ones participate in this challenge.

Let them explore their best

Registration Fee : Rs 2,990/-

With the special discount it’s now Rs 995/-Only. (Rupees Nine Hundred Ninety Five Only).

Refund Policy.

100% Refund is guaranteed in case the student is not satisfied with the course and felt that he/she did not experience any improvement in this 30 day-course. We will transfer the amount back into their corresponding Bank account, no questions asked!



Rs. 5000/-Cash Gift to participants who scored 90% reward points and Successful Completion of the 30-Day Challenge in full.

• Participation Awards & Certificates

• All Students are allowed to Participate in TREASURE HUNT – Most Adventurous, Exciting and Breath-taking Online Game!

• Personalized Greetings and Messages from your Favorite Stars/Celebrities/Sports Icons.

• Runner and Winner will get 50k and 1Lakh Cash Prize respectively.* They are randomly selected from every 1000 Challengers who have 100% Attendance during the challenge.


• Keeps every D’ Lighter in high-Spirits with excitement. This will re-invent one-self and enable them to find their true with-in.

• This challenge will compass one’s soul into the right direction with rock-solid purpose and gives Courage, Conviction, and Confidence to accomplish their goals.

• Ideas, Ambitions, Dreams will sink into their sub-conscious mind. It will bring a great change in the way they pursue their goals and magic will happen in the months to come. It’s a universally proven fact that Law of Attraction and Manifestation works wonders. Success will become a habit for them.

A Word For The Parents

This is the best gift you could ever give to your Child. The Vision Board Challenge will bring about a great difference in your kid’s life with a result that will last a life-time and offers great joy to your family. In fact, half your work is done by enrolling your child into this program!