Large Group Reunion


1 Silver Pass for each participant, and an additional fee of 4,00,000/- for all the other facilities.

  1. Stay: A dedicated remote camp space, with one large tent for 20 people, and 3 basic tents.
  2. Food: Buffet, or cook your own food.
  3. Washrooms: 6 with electricity and water.
  4. Events: 5 Classic Events and 5 Outbound Games for 24 Hours, or 1 day and 1 night.
  5. Security: Backup Provided
  6. Monitoring: CCTV back up at the camp site
  7. Memories: Drone/Go Pro/Photoshoot footage available at a nominal charge.
  8. Recognition and Rewards: Best Active Family/Participant Award, winners and runners up for the events, and a framed certificate, t-shirts, and caps for every participant.
  9. Recreational Vehicles: 2 ATVs and 2 Sports Cycles provided on request.
  • Note: Anybody who wants to participate in any Premium Event can purchase a Gold Pass (subject to slot availability on the respective dates and categories)