7 Days & 10 Days camp


All the Classic Events for 7 days & 10 days will be available in a dedicated remote space, with a basic tent.

  1. Ticket Cost: 1,00,000/- per head
  2. Team Size: 10 people
  3. Tenure: 7 Days & 10 Days
  4. Camp Mode: Partly Survival Mode
  5. Stay: A basic tent and self-made bush sheds
  6. Food: Individually packed food for the entire day. After that, catch and cook your own fish, and cook rice with a wood fire.
  7. Transport: Airport/Home Pick and Drop by Van
  8. Events: All the Classic Events (Choose your preferred events)
  9. Security: Backup Provided
  10. Monitoring: CCTV back up at the camp site
  11. Night Light: Bonfire/Lanterns/Emergency Lights/Torches
  12. Memories: Drone/Go Pro/Photo Shoot footage available for long distance travellers, on the road from origin to destination. (Complimentary for the first few tickets only)
  13. Recognition and Rewards: A framed certificate for all the participants, Best Primitive Award for the winners and runners up, and t-shirts and caps for everybody.
  14. Recreational Vehicles: 2 ATVs and 2 Sports Cycles can be provided on request.